Jett- in Poland with Adriana Wisniowska-»Ducatti«

Jett-Hot N'Sp'Icy of the Holy Mountain was born on 25/01/2013 in our H litter! He was the only puppy in the litter and I immediately knew that he was staying ... The first minute I felt he was my boy… He combines my favorite line, because he is the son of my Ace-WCJW-12, Int Ch, Multi Ch Wicani Ent'Iced and my beautiful Moon- Multi Ch, Int Ch Wicani Touched By a Dream! Jett is a typical representative of his breed and for me the ideal collie, both in spirit and body. He is successful at shows and the best friend at our Ranch! He loves everybody and everything ... children, other dogs, puppies…

Jett is CEA/PRA clinically clear, no coloboma, MDR-1 +/+,  DM free,
Breeding value A, conformity to the standard "excellent”

Sire of litter P.

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  • CACIB Celje I ( 30.11.2013) Junior Class, 1ex, J-CAC, J-BOB in BOB, judge: Branislav Rajić (Slovenia)
  • CACIB Celje II  (1.12.2013) Junior Class 1ex, PRM, J-BOB and BOB, judge : Marija Lapanja (Slovenia)
  • CACIB Ljubljana I : (18.1.2014)  Junior Class , 2 ex judge: Judit Korozs-Papp (Hungary) 

  • CAC Koroške 2014 (18.5.2014)  Intermediate Class,  1ex, CAC, judge:  Darko Korošec (Slovenia)

  • With this title Hot N'Sp'Icy of the Holy Mountain became Slovene Junior Champion (CH-J-Slo)

  • CAC Hrušica (25.5.2014) Intermediate Class,  1ex, CAC, BOB, judge :  Heliane Maissen Jarish (Austria)

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