'W" litter born : 21.6.2018

JCh Nights in Satin of the Holy Mountain & CH Rosscarr's Raising Chaos





Ch Rosscarr's Raising Chaos at Wicani

Van-M Good Fellow at Wicani

Van-M Good Samaritan

Ch. Van-M Balloon Pilot

Van-M Aruga's New Wrinkle

Van-M Free Lunch

Ch. Van-M That's the Ticket

Van-M Wrinkle Free

Wicani Love On Blue Fridays

Wicani Waltz of the New Moon

Wicani What's New Pussycat

Wicani Dances By Moonlight

Seryphina Dance of the Raven Moon

Wicani What's New Pussycat

Ch. Wicani Touch of Elegance at Seryphina

JCh Nights in Satin of the Holy Mountain

IntCh. Wicani Ent'Iced

 Ch Glasgowhill's Future Vision

Ch Glasgowhill's Be a Rockstar

Glasgowhill's Mocha Latte

Wicani Moonlight on Ice

Wicani Nighthawk

Wicani Moonlight on Water

Zita vom Pressergersee

Ch Xcalibur von der Ischlerbahn

Hannibal-Black of Lovely Creek

Yesterday's Blue Ice von der Ischlerbahn

Queen's Ectasy Golden

Yannek vom Wengerhof

Queen's Black Shadow Girl

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Winds of Change
Blue merle female

owner: Yvonne Pelletier (CAN)


Winning Ticket

Blue merle male

owner: Collies of the Holy Mountain (SLO)


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