'J' litter born : 22.11.2013

In the Wings of Hope KoToRa & Wicani Ent'Iced




Ch. Wicani Ent'Iced

Ch. Glasgowhill's Future Vision

Ch. Glasgowhill's Be A Rockstar

Ch. Glasgowhill's Winning Ticket

Glasgowhill's Dreams Come True

Glasgowhill's Mocha Latte

Ch. Van-M That's The Ticket

Van-M Take A Gander

Wicani Moonlight on Ice

Wicani Nighthawk

Wicani What's New Pussycat

Wicani Wrenee Dessard

Wicani Moonlight on Water

Wicani Formula One

Wicani Dances by Moonlight

In the Wings of Hope Ko-To-Ra

Ch. Old Golden Gates Vis-A-Vis

Ch. Brilyn Designer Image

Chrisarion Collier

Ch. Brilyn Satin 'N' Silk at Carostar

Golden Gates Quiet Charm

Dolen Double Brandy at Brilyn

Westoak Felicity

Ch. Neneland Nostalgic Hope

Wicani Willow Pattern

Ch. Wicani Wild Mayl-Strom

Wicani Willow Wren

Troumerle Fresh Start

Ch. Brilyn Rum 'N' Black

Neneland Silver Lace of Troumerle


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Justify My Love
Dark sable dog

co-ownership: Daša Boštjančič & Collies of the Holy Mountain (SLO)


Joy of My Heart

Dark sable female

owner:: Alen Lilić (SLO)

1 dark sable boy in 1 dark sable girl